Friday, October 19, 2012

Whether it is easy to be Russian?

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Whether it is easy to be Russian? (Or can raise the question a little differently, and whether easily live in Russia? But partially I already wrote the answer to this question in one of the previous articles.) 

How at foreign people the Russian person associates? More often as wildishly bearded person in worn clothes (in some foreign films dressed in a self-made fur coat). 

We certainly can will be indignant to such representation, but mainly foreigners truly represent the Russian person, some in general think that bears easy go to Russia on cities. 

Russian people, it more than 90 % of poor people, which are ready to serve remained other rich people to snatch from them a profit piece. I even would tell that a certain shade of the serfdom in Russia remained till now. 

At many Russian people envy to other people always sits, especially to those which in an everyday life meet (for example neighbours more often that live better), and at convenient a case can make meanness. For now he will not give a sign, opposite will be the friend, suddenly that will break off … 

And if at the neighbour (or the familiar person above under the social status) to which lived envy happens not happiness, he began to live worse there is a feeling of pleasure, satisfactions, all has fallen into place. 

The foreign person from the developed country in a similar situation, most likely simply at desire would try to reach the same social status, or would become "ally" to the person to which there was an envious feeling. The Russian person too it becomes frequent enough the ally to the person that it above socially (for example, above the post on a workplace) but when achieves the more often simply "devours" the person to which was envy. There was a case (in the USSR) when the divisional and the chairman of collective farm were close friends (to the divisional this friendship was probably favourable), but happens, so from for what that of illegal actions of this chairman was deprived by posts and took away in prison and as it was amusing to see that its that friend the divisional deducing from office adjusted it to a police car, whether hardly kicking the former chairman. 

But nevertheless it will be simple to many poor Russian people laziness something to undertake to live better. For example, in village of the woman for days on end on a bench will sit, and to look at a family that constantly works (prepares hay, is engaged in kitchen gardens, conducts animal industries, etc.), and through what that time this family has a new car VAZ (earned fairly an arduous toil), but these women that for days on end gossiped, sat on benches almost round the clock etc. will damn this family, a pier why at them the new car, and at us is not present … And if at that very moment there goes by on a jeep any thief, these women on it will look yours faithfully, and will be ready will not rush almost on knees at road (as in olden time in Russia did peasants seeing the notable person) only it on them would pay attention and has remembered, all the same, suddenly that will break off … 

In America why that it is not often possible to see a youth American film in which young men do hooligan acts and drink beer. But in Russia similar films can be seen. And now we will reflect, how the similar film will work on the American and Russian person? 

The majority of the American young men at viewing of a similar film, will see acts which should not be made in life. And on the film termination will be engaged in the daily affairs. 

The majority of Russian young men, watching similar a film, will see there the heroes which actions at possibility will try to repeat. And after the film will end, most likely will follow beer if certainly did not descend behind it during a film. 

The theme is opened not up to the end, throughout time I will finish given article, probably to rectify small errors if they are. It would be desirable to see in comments to this article your opinion... 

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