Sunday, October 7, 2012

Game passage Stronghold Legends - How to kill a dragon

In Stronghold Legends though in missions also frighten of dragons, but to destroy them very simply, enough one knight.

If from the very beginning to equip the lock (and district there not so convenient) to develop economy, gradually to employ soldiers for attack dragon it will occupy a lot of time and it will appear it is rather problematic, since giants will cause at first not a small damage.

On much more conveniently in the beginning game to create all necessary economic conditions then send the knight to attack dragons.

For this purpose it is necessary to attack a dragon behind or sideways then it will slowly turn in that place where there was a blow when his head will be almost near to the knight move the knight to other side of a dragon and again attack. The head of a dragon during the same time attacks an empty place where earlier there was a knight.

Apparently dragons in game are predicted as enemies in games of the dandy.

In mission “To kill a dragon of Fanfira, we do all similarly. Only for economy of time it is possible to put soldiers on one side to attack a dragon, and Zigfrid let at this time distracts a dragon from one side on another.

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