Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letter to U.S. President

The Letter To Barack Obama
Hello President Barack Obama.

I don't speak very well English, but I hope that you will understand me.
I fully support and dreaming of becoming a U.S. citizen.
In Russia the low level of life and simply speaking here people slaves.
We are taught not navigate US, so we paid no attention to the lawlessness, which the Russian government does in Russia.

I don't fit in health doctors found fit for military service, against my will. In Russia there is no freedom. I have to work on the job, which pays $ 149 per month, though i have higher economic education.

Russian authorities have always been involved only their own self-enrichment at the expense of ordinary people.

U.S. President I ask You to give me the opportunity to immigrate to the USA.
Krasotkin Dima

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